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The Galeodan Suites in Helena’s Garden


Dive & Snorkel

Here we have many great spots for diving and snorkelling:

  • Snorkelling Around Town, from a nearby beach or a taxi-ride away.
  • Snorkelling & Diving on Tour-Boats
  • Snorkelling from Vivencial Fishing Boats

Snorkel Around Town



There are several locations within easy walking distance of the Suites, including Punta Carola, Playa Mann, and Las Tijeretas.where you can snorkel in the company of turtles and sea lions. La Loberia is another but this one a 5 minute taxi ride just beyond the airprort.  However, the premier snorkelling (and diving) locations can only be accessed by specially licensed boats.




Snorkel & Dive on Tour Boats


Although there is excellent snorkelling to be enjoyed from the public beaches and walkways, the most spectacular snorkelling and diving is in the Galápagos Marine Reserve or from beaches within the Galápagos National Park, restricted areas which can only be visited on a specially licensed boat in the company of a Naturalist Guide.


Only a limited number of boats have the special license required to conduct tours in the restricted areas and their itineraries are fixed by the Park to avoid congestion and over-use of the destinations.





Tour de Bahia (Bay-tour)

Snorkel at Isla Lobos


These boats visit Isla Lobos 6 or 7 days a week. Isla Lobos is 8 kms (5 miles) from port. After a walking tour of the islet, guests can snorkel with sea lions, turtles and rays in the crystal clear waters between the islands. A visit to one of San Cristóbal’s beautiful and deserted beaches usually rounds off the day.


Tour Diario de Buceo
(Daily-tour with Diving)

Aggressor - Hammerheads Galapagos


These boats visit the various prime “visit sites” where they offer both snorkelling and diving.


Kicker Rock \ Leon Dormido


Kicker Rock, known locally as Leon Dormido (sleeping lion) is arguably the most famous dive-site in Galápagos:

Other snorkel and dive sites visited on the Daily-Tours include:

  • Punta Pitt and Islote Pitt,
  • Isla Lobos - Used for check-dives (no landing from the dive-boats).
  • Tijeretas: Calm and crystal clear - used for check-dive on many excursions.


Additional Diving sites are also served by some of the Daily Tour boats but on a more ad-hoc basis, according to demand:

  • Caragua - Wreck diving
  • Five Finger (Dalrymple) Rock
  • Roca Ballena (Whale Rock)
Map - San Cristobal - Dive Sites

San Cristóbal Dive & Snorkel Sites

Costs, Reservations etc...

For more information regarding costs, itineraries and reservations, visit: San Cristóbal Sightseeing page \ Costs, Reservations...:


Snorkel from Vivencial Fishing Boats



Vivencial Fishing boats are mainly about fishing, but they offer more options and flexibility for snorkelling than any other type of boat.

Vivencial Fishing Boats visit Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock) every day for snorkelling.

Vivencial Fishing Boats also have exclusive access to 4 very special landing-sites around the island.

  • Playa del Muerto;
  • Punta Pucuna;
  • Bahia Sardina;
  • Bahia Rosa Blanca;

and 3 landing \ snorkelling sites on the island of Santa Fe.

Map - San Cristobal - PAV Sites

Vivencial Fishing
Visit & Snorkel Sites

Any of the above sites can be visited in the course of a day of fishing , or as a destination in itself.

Costs, Reservations etc...

For more information regarding costs, itineraries and reservations, visit the Vivencial Fishing page.

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